Delonie Morris: Owner of City Baby Whisperers


Certifications,Trainings, Education

Trained Birth/ Postpartum Doula ~ CAPPA
Advanced Newborn Care Specialist
Elite Year Two Newborn Care Specialist ~ Newborn Care Solutions
Respectful Caregiving Training
Associates in Early Childhood Education
CPR/AED, First Aid Infant and Adult
Training in brachycephaly, plagiocephaly, and tethered oral ties, acid reflux!
 Experience with Ng tubes, premature babies and multiples


Hello, My name is Delonie Morris. I am a bilingual ( English/Spanish) newborn care specialist, birth/ postpartum doula and career nanny. I was born and raised in the exquisite country of Belize. After I relocated to the United States in 2003, I joined my career path in child rearing. I have 18 years of experience as a childcare provider, and I am also a mother of four beautiful, witty and intelligent children. I believe my experiences and knowledge as a childcare provider has helped hone my parenting skills and has had a positive impact in the way that I support families. 

My experience entails working with newborns as young as one day old through adolescents. I currently hold a degree in early childhood education and applied sciences, newborn care specialist certification, and I am pursuing my certification as a full spectrum doula. I’ve made it an intentional habit of enhancing my knowledge by taking classes from Newborn Care solutions, as well as CAPPA, attending conferences and gleaning from other experts in the industry.  

As a mother who had to undergo 4 cesareans, my passion for doula and ncs work runs deeply. It allows me to have a greater appreciation for the support required from others during the postpartum healing journey. The most important aspect of my work is knowing that my clients get the required rest needed and geared toward recovery. If it was not for my “village” during this limiting and challenging time, I don’t believe I would have been able to properly heal. Surrounding yourself with love and support from family, friends and experts during your journey into parenthood is essential!  

Being a newborn care specialist and doula has made me more empathetic towards people from all walks and aspects of life. In addition, being around people of higher and lower socioeconomic status has taught me to not measure my worth based on material things, but by the way, I present myself and leave lasting impressions on others. I love what I do, and it clearly shows with every action I put into place and from those who are attracted to the light and energy I exude.